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2014 Daktronics Galaxy Af-3550 Led Outdoor Sign 38x37x8 With Wireless Setup.

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I have here a slightly used 2014 Daktronics Galaxy AF-3550 outdoor sign.The sign measures roughly as pictured 38″ x 37″ 5/16th x 8″1/4 inches. I have both the Radio Severs, One Weather Sensor, Display Sign, and not shown is the convertor I’ll get pictures up soon. You will need to buy the licensing and software from Daktronics directly and I have shown the info they sent me to get this sign to work. I don’t cover any costs on the software or sign installation. I though it was rather a simple deinstallation process. Again the sign is lightly used and one radio sever has color fading as it was mounted outdoors same with the weather sensor but does not effect the operations. The sign is an outdoor sign but was window mounted indoors and is rather clean and non faded. The sign was hardwired into an electrical switch. I will crate the this item and FLH freight shipper is rather close in Norwalk, Oh. This will take me a bit of time so give me more then the usual 2 day window. You can pick up as well. I prefer that. A shipper picking up at my house works as well and they can manage the streets just fine. I’m open to offers but the sign wasn’t cheap and everything is still serviced through Daktronics Customer Support. The sign when new was $21K Daktronics sent this e-mail below on the sign and what you need to do to get it up and running again. Ask questions and all offers will be discussed if reasonable. DAKTRONICS will need this information filled out: To set up your account, please return this email with the following information:• Name and address of the business where the sign is now located • First and last name of the business/display owner • Telephone number of the business/display owner • Email address of the business/display owner • Attach a legible photo of the identification label on the side or back of the display. The assembly number, serial number, and manufacturing date will help us identify your display. Previous Owner:Cxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx 187894-001Daktronics Order No: S211392Galaxy AF-3550-48X48-16-RGB-SF-120/240V • Attach a photo of the display front POSSIBLE COSTSWe want you to know upfront that there may be additional costs that are needed. 1. You may need to purchase missing components, and a technician may have to determine what is missing. A basic system includes:• Laptop or PC with Venus 1500 control software• Venus 1500 operator’s license• Signal converter or DC Injector (depending on radio setup)• Radio Server (at the building)• Radio Client (at the display)• Display 2. The Venus 1500 control software is licensed for the original owner on one laptop or PC. You may need to purchase this software system as well. The software, license, and webinar training from Daktronics is $300.00 list price. 3. If we are unable to locate your display system in our files or you are the new owner of the equipment, there will be a $99 fee to set up the account and register the equipment. WHAT HAPPENS NEXTAfter we receive your email, you’ll hear back from us within one business day to let you know the options for service with your equipment. We appreciate the opportunity to provide great service to you and look forward to receiving your reply very soon.

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