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25″ X 88″ Programmable Full Color Outdoor Led Sign Pitch 10

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88″(L) x 25″(H) FULL COLOR Programmable Led Sign with Scrolling Message Display for OUTDOOR AND INDOOR use These are very easy to program with software we provide. Data can be transferred through USB or LAN . It constantly displays Full color Logos , Videos, Text , Neon sign features, Images , time , Animations, stopwatch ,countdown with hundred of special effects . You can add any image or logo of your choice. Our 1/4 duty module provides a sign that is up-to 30% brighter than 1/8 duty sign that you see from other eBay sellers. 1. Use LAN option and no need to go outside. Sit in your office and control sign up to 100 meter away. 2. Schedule the messages , just set the time at which you want to display the message and feel free. No need to update same events again and again. 3. Auto On / Off option . 4. Heavy duty brackets & screws 5. User manual , video tutorial and online technical support. 6. Fully accessible rare panel for easy repairs. ? ?

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