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8″x40″ Programmable Led Sign Full Color Outdoor Scrolling Message Display

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Main features and functions 1. Display color adjustable 2. Display speed adjustable 3. The text font and size adjustable 4, the shell material is aluminum housing is black and color5. The default function is writing letters, time and date 6. The ultra-low power 7. The signal interface is a USB cable 8. Support scrolling text, date, time, number, etc. .. 9.Waterproof, dust and UVprotection, the product can be used indoors and outdoors. Waterproof IP47 gradereaches 10. The voltage is 110 or 220, please let us know what you want voltage 11. Plug type supports the EU standard plug / American standard plug / UK standard plug / AU standard plug.PLEASE let us know which version PLUG YOUWANT I.E. UK / AU / EU or peril Package Included: 1. size 100x20cm LED display 1pcs 2. 1 standby signal line 3. 2 Installation accessories 4. USB offers free software and English User Manual Shipping Terms Here, make sure: duties, taxes and charges in goods may require you to pay separately. Shipment .. Ifyou specified by DHL / FedEx / TNT / UPS, and other logistics, please let me know in advance Returns and Miscellaneous: I. Introduction Products for customized products, not in stock. Does not provide any return service, the product produced, all the details of the pictures will be sent to you, both sides confirmed prior to shipment. If the inconvenience, please understand. 2. Warranty Two years of free maintenance: telephone consult maintenance, remote assistance, if the products have problems, please contact us immediately, we will help you solve the problem. If any part of the damage, we will send a new hardware replacement.

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