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Full Color Led Sign 13 “x 37.5 ” Metal Outdoor Programmable Teck32x96p10fc

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True True 3 (“““““` (“““““` 21 7 5 5486400 3684983 322 1097280 1097280 2194560 1097280 3291840 1097280 4389120 1097280 5486400 1097280 1193006 1193006 1636335 443329 1911667 275332 2354996 443329 2798325 443329 3241654 443329 3684983 443329 -2 Made and Ship from USA (california) NEW , our signs can be connected Master-Slave and Back to Back (kits sold separately) We design and manufacture a full array of Outdoor LED Displays. We manufacture with superior quality, industrial grade LED panels. Our sign frames are made of durable steel and are finished with powder coated painting, suitable for harsh environments. Ledsigns4less.us is a division of Usateck. We are located in Los Angeles, California. Excellent customer support , quality products made to last . Due to the slim design of our LED SIGNS, they weigh less, and are therefore easier to mount. In addition, they are simple to program, weatherproof and very reliable Metal Box : all our LED are made of durable metal , frame and cover made to last , they are finish with powder coating industrial grade painting .Easy PC windows software 6 Full color P10 Panel .Program 100’s of Messages with many different options and effectsUSB and Lan , wireless also available for $ 55.00 Please check our video a usateck youtube channel.The video shows MODEL TECK32X64P10X TECK32X96P10X TECK32X128P10XSent us an email with what you want to “say” and will create a message for you at not extra cost . OUR SIGNS CAN BE CONNECTED TOGETHER to make 1 BIG SIGN , we sell a Kit that can make 2 or 3 SIGNS work as One , please Request more information . We are located in Whittier CA , come to our showroom , we will program for you at no extra cost . Local Pickup available .

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