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J.v.f Led Sign 2010-a Indoor Outdoor Commercial Programmable

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JVF 2010-A LED PROGRAMMABLE COMMERCIAL SIGN Please look at pictures and the video below, from the actual item for sale, for the condition and more information on what it can do. The video demonstrates what is currently saved on the sign. Please be aware that I do not know the full instructions on reprogramming; I know it’s possible to program on the unit directly (if you open it up and plug in an AT [large round plug] keyboard) or externally from a Windows PC but I haven’t messed with it much. Overall the sign is in decent condition. It is an older unit, some pixels are dim or dead as that happens with age. Power plug, while functional, could use some repair as the ground pin is missing. [Description/information from internet] It’s 2 x 20 x 42 sign with RED LED lights (has some dim & dead pixels), Can be programmed to read and say anything from floppy disc *animation & still images*. It can be used outside and inside with proper management. The 2010-A displays slides in a basic IBM CGA compatible structure where 1 byte (8 bits) = 4 pixels with these possible values: 00 Black (LED OFF) 01 Cyan (LED 1/3 ON, also called “half intensity”) 10 Magenta (LED 2/3 ON) 11 White (LED FULL intensity or “bright”) (Magenta value is not visibly that much different than White, so is rarely used) The general hardware structure of the 2010-A is based on an IBM XT compatible motherboard with a floppy drive controller and BIOS set for booting from this floppy. It has 2MB of RAM. When power is applied and a short delay expires, the 2010-A attempts a normal boot load from the floppy. This results in DOS being loaded. The CONFIG.SYS file then loads HIMEM.SYS (which allows access to the entire 2MB of ram) followed by RAMDRIVE.SYS (which creates a “fake” Hard Drive C: in memory of about 800KB). The AUTOEXEC.BAT file then proceeds to copy the display program, the display program “control” batch file (.SHW) and the various “slides” (.DSN and .BLK) to this ramdrive. Control then switches to the ramdrive and the display program and the show begins. The disk can be removed and the show can run as long as power remains present. JVF 2010-A OS The 2010a has a built in operating system. Which is accessible if you have a keyboard. Plug in keyboard and press Escape (ESC) ONE TIME and wait 2-10 seconds. If you press esc when at the main screen it basically unloads jvff.exe and you’ll need to turn off the sign then back on, very annoying. To create a dsn on the sign go to edit image then type a short name and it will say new file. Draw something then press esc. It’ll ask you to return save or quit. if you press quit it wont save the file. The sign is not y2k compliant so set the year to 1985 or something.

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