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Outdoor Led Sign On Stand For Mobile Portable Sign Advertising Business

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If you’ve been considering starting your own mobile marketing there’s no time to waste! Digital Signs Direct USA has your sign ready to use. These are built exclusively for use in the mobile applications. They are easily powered by a small inverter type generator, can feature up to 99 messages/images, and re-enforced and secured internally against road hazards and high winds. This is the only truck stand and sign combo built to showcase high quality images while maintaining the highest reliability and lowest maintenance. If you have been considering or thinking of this opportunity for some time but the overpriced signs of the past have deterred you – THIS IS FOR YOU! We have an affordable finance option to make sure there is nothing holding your new business back. We have built these for parades, car dealers, and entrepreneurs all over the country. This stand requires NO PERMANENT mounting fixtures. The powder coated heavy duty steel frame was designed to withstand impacts and hard leans with safety as the top priority. Drive assured your sign investment is solid as a rock, and displaying your or your clients information. Call us with any questions you may have or you can apply for financing on our website. Don’t let excuses get in the way any longer. Jump on this opportunity before your competitors do. We are making outdoor LED signs affordable and the best quality in the industry. Don’t overpay for companies with ancient technology or spend the minimum dollar amount for a headache/nightmare sign. Trust Digital Signs Direct USA for your top quality HD LED sign advertising business. This model sign is a 10mm double sided true-pixel model with auto dimming brightness sensor, all aluminum rust free cabinet (for use by the ocean), wireless controller which can be controlled from inside the cab, audio options (to sync commercials through a PA system), and a temperature sensor to display the outside temp. Wash your truck, clean out your 6′ truck bed, and get ready to start your dream business! This package includes the sign, stand, and accessories – generator not included.

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