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Programmable Outdoor Color Led Sign 6ft X 21ft (led 44″ X 113.5″) For Business

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Excellent quality, used 2-sided with LED and company name display on each side. We have moved our business to a new location, and can not take this sign with. We installed the sign brand new 5 years ago, and it provided great visibility for our company. We used the sign along side busy road in front of our office. The area where you put the company name is clearly visible as you drive by, even at higher speeds. The digital LED portion of the sign is great because you can easily change or rotate ads/messages. With the computer and software that comes with the sign (included) you can set custom schedules for your ads and messages. The LED is great full-color and high resolution, able to display;- still images- animated slides- full motion videos and movies All software and a computer to manage and operate the sign is included! We had operated the sign with a cabled connection to the computer, but you can convert it to wireless by installing a wireless card on the sign control panel. The sign manufacturer can help with this if needed (we have the contact information for you). Sign Specs and Size Details The overall sign is 78 inches tall by 252 inches wide. The LED display is 44 inches tall by 113.5 inches wide. Sign encasement is all aluminum construction. Sign frame sits on two internal columns/posts. We have more detailed specs for the entire sign – both the digital portion, and the entire sign case, as well as the software, if needed. We have this item listed with no shipping, as “local pickup only”. If you are the buyer, we are happy to help you with your efforts to arrange shipping, but due to the nature of this item we did not want to include shipping related details with the listing.

2-Sided Full Color LED, Includes Computer and Software

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