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Led Sign Display Rgb (1r 1g 1b) Indoor & Outdoor Hd P10 Waterproof Usa Factory

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Highest quality at the lowest price! Full Color REAL Pixel 10mm Outdoor LED Sign – P10 1R1G1B 16Million Colors LED Display Size: 19″ X 38″ (Double Sided Available for extra charge) (Call us today for more Discounts) High Quality LED Sign built in USA The LED Sign Display is Computer and cellphone programmable. The 6th generation of LED SIGNs “Miami style” has millions of color combinations to display professional color graphics on LED Sign. This Sign is PC controlled, you can display full color Videos and Photos, as well as very colorful text messages. The Product Description: An amazing display with great 10mm clarity, ” HD Pixel / Pure White” Capability: Video + Images + Text LED type: Epistar MBI (Pixel Composition 1R+1G+1B) Pixel Pitch: 10mm Drive: ¼ Scan IC JX5120; 5028 Module Pixel: 32×16=512 Dot x3 Pixel Composition: 1R+1G+1B Number of LED’s: 13,824 Color Ratio: R/G/B. = 3/6/1 LED Viewing Angle: 120 Degrees Horizontal & 90 Degrees Vertical Colors: 16 million Grey Scale: 256 levels Max. Power Consumption: 5 AMP Ave. Power Consumption: 1 AMP LED Display Life: 100,000 Hours Back Door access for easy service. Heavy-Duty Black Steel Frame, the frame and back cover are made to last, they are finish with powder coating industrial grade painting. Heavy-Duty brackets for easy installation. Programming: Ethernet & USB Cable (Wi-Fi Option Available/ Limited at 7-collors) These LED displays are built in the USA with 3 years warranty. This LED display is engineered and manufactured for extreme outdoor conditions and built to last. This LED display includes easy to use software to easily upload your content. The programming allows you to display multiple items at once, show all type of texts, pictures, videos, animations, and any other format supported by the PC. The perfect application for advertisement. You can display text, animation, video, and images. These are the same quality displays billboards that you see on the Highway. Power: AC110V US Standard (built in adjustable switch for 220V) Includes easy to use software with operational manual, UL approved power supplyLimited 3 Year Warranty on all LED modules and all power supplies. Return Policy: Within 30 days there will be a 20 % restocking fee and deduction of the original shipping and Handling cost. The customer will be responsible for the return shipping. Signs must be returned in their original condition including all accessories, parts, and manuals. Physical damage to the display voids the return policy. ALL International sales are final and the above does not apply. We will make every effort to solve any issue that may arise. Also, with our 21 years of successful business practice, we will give you our quality customer care and service. Additional Options: We offer our Engineering support free of charge with your purchase. We Help and guide you free of charge through the installation and operation of your new display sign. Wi-Fi Communication is available at no extra charge. We are a full line sign manufacturer providing custom solution to your needs. We custom build other sizes signs and displays. We can help you make the most valuable use of your purchase. Call us for free help 7 days a week. 954-440-3422 USA Other Sizes Available: 6.5″ X 25″ 6.5″ X 38″ 6.5″ X 51″ 6.5″ X 63″ 6.5″ X 76″ 6.5″ X 89″ 6.5″ X 101″ 6.5″ X 114″ 6.5″ X 126″ 6.5″ X 139″ 12.6″ X 25″ 12.6″ X 38″ 12.6″ X 51″ 12.6″ X 63″ 12.6″ X 76″ 12.6″ X 89″ 12.6″ X 101″ 12.6″ X 114″ 12.6″ X 126″ 12.6″ X 139″ 19″ X 25″ 19″ X 38″ 19″ X 51″ 19″ X 63″ 19″ X 76″ 19″ X 89″ 19″ X 101″ 19″ X 114″ 19″ X 126″ 19″ X 139″ 26″ X 25″ 26″ X 38″ 26″ X 51″ 26″ X 63″ 26″ X 76″ 26″ X 89″ 26″ X 101″ 26″ X 114″ 26″ X 126″ 26″ X 139″ 32″ X 25″ 32″ X 38″ 32″ X 51″ 32″ X 63″ 32″ X 76″ 32″ X 89″ 32″ X 101″ 32″ X 114″ 32″ X 126″ 32″ X 139″ 38″ X 25″ 38″ X 38″ 38″ X 51″ 38″ X 63″ 38″ X 76″ 38″ X 89″ 38″ X 101″ 38″ X 114″ 38″ X 126″ 45″ X 25″ 45″ X 38″ 45″ X 51″ 45″ X 63″ 45″ X 76″ 45″ X 89″ 45″ X 101″ 45″ X 114″ 45″ X 126″ 51″ X 25″ 51″ X 38″ 51″ X 51″ 51″ X 63″ 51″ X 76″ 51″ X 89″ 51″ X 101″ 51″ X 114″ 51″ X 126″ 57″ X 25″ 57″ X 38″ 57″ X 51″ 57″ X 63″ 57″ X 76″ 57″ X 89″ 57″ X 101″ 57″ X 114″ 57″ X 126″ 6TH Generation Series High quality products with advanced technologies, full-range solutions and professional service. ASAPLED offers the highest quality outdoor led display options for businesses and organizations that are built in the USA, and provide the best quality for your advertising at the best value. ASAPLED signs carry the highest level of durability and technical capability available in the industry with a 3-year warranty plus two additional years for a 10% fee. All ASAPLED signs are available in most sizes, also they can be custom manufactured into a jumbo size. ASAPLED signs are designed to fit your budget and built super strong for indoor and outdoor use. They are weatherproofed and can be used under all climates. We use only the best quality high definition LEDs with more than 100,000-hour lifespan. The communication options offered are standard Ethernet or Wi-Fi WITH/USB. All our outdoor models are built on a “made to order” basis (10 days lead time), and are available in both single-sided or double-sided (master/slave or both master) setup. All ASAPLED cabinets have an easy back access panel. ASAPLED Display Signs are designed, manufactured and tested in our Florida facility to compete with the biggest names in the LED sign industry. ASAP TEAM

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