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2 Red Led Outdoor Module Display Panel P10 16×32 Matrix Diy Window Shop Sign New

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2 Red LED Outdoor Module Display Panel P10 16X32 Matrix DIY Window Shop Sign NEW FeaturesPixel Pitch: 10 mmPixel configuration: 1RedPixel resolution: 32 dots(W)*16DOT(H)Unit Voltage: DC 5VBest viewing distance: 12~50mRefresh frequency: ≥ 120Hz/sLife span: 100, 000 hoursModules Size(mm): 320 x 160mmDrive Mode: 1/4 scan Panel runs on 5V DC . A good tutorial how to use these panels with arduino can be found here : http://www.freetronics.com/collections/display/products/dot-matrix-display-32×16-red#.VDMolGd5O4Y and if you’re looking for a controller ready made to control them ,this one can do the job:just tape in the search field on ebay this item : LED CONTROLLER PANEL CARD ZH-U2 you can even found the cheaper one ZH-U0 here : http://m.ebay.com/itm/Led-display-control-card-ZH-U0-led-controller-card-U-disk-DIY-Display-Scrolling-/231030215933Package includes: 2 x Red P10 LED modules 8x Magnetic Screws Holders 2 x Data Cables4 x Power wires Buy with confidence from a trusted seller SHIPS QUICKLY AND SAFELY FROM CANADA. This Item is HERE in CANADA ready for IMMEDIATE delivery You will get it within few DAYS …..NOT in few …..Weeks as it use to be from asian countries. Have a nice day. .

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